GW Innovation Center Events

The GW Innovation Center is dedicated to providing students with the skills and techniques they need to become at-home innovators. For the past few semesters, the GWIC has done this through a variety of workshops and outreach programs. Our Make-A-Thing Fridays have given students a chance to unwind and learn about prototyping and creative problem solving.

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Weekly events

Open studio every Friday 2-6pm 

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Knitting circle every Thursday 6-8pm

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Past Events

M06 Tools
  • Two sewing machines

  • Sewing materials (thread, needles, lots of fabric, zippers, buttons, etc.)

  • Embroidery supplies (hoops, thread, fabric)

  • Four 3D Printers

  • Filament (PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU)

  • Soldering Irons

  • Tools (Screwdrivers, Contour Gauges, etc)

  • CAD Workstations

  • Waste Electronics (resistors, motors, diodes, etc)

  • Raw Materials (wood, foam, aluminum pipes)

  • Miscellaneous (Hardware, cables, RPi hats, etc)

M06 Community Agreement

M06 is a creative workspace and learning environment open to the GW community. It's equipped with basic fabrication equipment, from 3D printers to hand tools and sewing machines. We operate on a modest budget and with a small staff so it's essential that everyone in the space does their part to keep it functioning. That means respecting the space, the resources, and the people. It is crucial that M06 remain SAFE for everyone. This means as a participant you must ‘keep your brain on’ — SAFETY FIRST, ALWAYS. We require that you utilize equipment properly, not use equipment you have not been trained on, and refrain from disturbing work areas (supplies or tools) of others. We ask that you clean thoroughly behind yourself, use resources efficiently, and leave all spaces better than you found them. Always ask if you don’t know, and let M06 staff know if something seems off.


We are fortunate to come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience. We value all forms of education, exposure, and curiosity.

We recognize the role of generational and day-to-day institutional racism and discrimination in creating and fortifying barriers to participation for marginalized people. We intend to build and hold a space where people of marginalized identities thrive in expressing themselves, working creatively and learning. We are also lucky to have people of many different gender identities in our community. When meeting a new person in this space, we encourage you to ask for that person’s pronouns and share your own rather than making assumptions. We believe M06 can model the community we want GW as whole to be. We can practice living these values at M06 by taking accountability for the space and the ways that our actions impact one another here. If we witness disrespect of our work environment or racism, ableism, transphobia, misogyny or homophobia, it will be addressed.


Finally, wear masks and stay curious! If your organization, group, or capstone class is interested in using the space, reach out to us and let us know! Need a specific material for a project or want to see a certain tool in the space? Add it to our Supply Request List linked in our bio. In addition to the tools and materials highlighted in this post, we also have general tools like glue guns, googles, scissors, tape and 3D modeling workstations. If you need assistance printing something, send us a message.