GWIC Projects

What is a Makerspace that Doesn't Make?

Ranging from community-building to increasing quality-of-life, projects of all calibers have been supported by GWIC facilities and staff. Our passionate team works hard to foster the environment necessary to make cool and unique things. Check out some of the projects we've been involved in!

Make-A-Thing Fridays

Making is at the core of innovation. We started this project of weekly events to bring more making to the GW community. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Please share with your friends! Check out the picture gallery below.


Precious Plastics

Precious plastics.

Man in Studio
virtual jane poster.png

Virtual Jane

The Virtual Jane initiative is a front-end focused, immersive, educational VR/AR platform intended to showcase Jane Goodall's life and work to raise conservation science awareness and empower youth science and civil engagement.

The GWIC is prototyping Virtual Jane, an experience that will immerse visitors into her story, and invite them to play a role in preserving and promoting her legacy. Through interactive storytelling and cutting edge visual, virtual and augmented reality technology, diverse audiences can learn directly from Dr. Goodall's impact-driven, civic and scientific life's work. Virtual Jane will catalyze the next generation of compassionate decision-makers and global activists.



The GW Innovation Center began work on an incredibly unique booth for the 2020 South by Southwest concert. In collaboration with design student Alex Morpurgo, the GWIC generated plans for an exhibit that gave prospective students a "glimpse of DC." This theme can be seen in the to-scale model of the Washington Monument. While COVID-19 prevented us from finishing the product, it looked great every step of the way!

Playing Piano

George Hacks

Music is the Journey

Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. GW Innovation Center Events Page loves to harness that power with a broad audience of fellow music lovers and passionate musicians alike. Ever since a young age, GW Innovation Center Events Page has found great joy and satisfaction by being involved in the creative music process. Take a look around the site to get to know more about GW Innovation Center Events Page.