GWIC Projects

What is a Makerspace that Doesn't Make?

Ranging from community-building to increasing quality-of-life, projects of all calibers have been supported by GWIC facilities and staff. Our passionate team works hard to foster the environment necessary to make cool and unique things.

Check out some of the projects we've been involved in!

Make-a-Thing Friday


Making is at the core of innovation. We started this project of weekly events to bring more making to the GW community. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Swipe to learn more!


Precious Plastic GW

Precious Plastic GW is a student-led initiative that uses small-scale recycling machines to create art and usable objects out of trash. The project also seeks to spark conversations about waste management and recycling in the US and the impact that waste has on communities abroad and at home.

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Precious Plastic is actually an open-source non-profit based in Europe. This is GW's chapter! Check out the main organization's website!

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Virtual Jane

The Virtual Jane initiative is a front-end focused, immersive, educational VR/AR platform intended to showcase Jane Goodall's life and work to raise conservation science awareness and empower youth science and civil engagement.

The GWIC is prototyping Virtual Jane, an experience that will immerse visitors into her story, and invite them to play a role in preserving and promoting her legacy. Through interactive storytelling and cutting edge visual, virtual and augmented reality technology, diverse audiences can learn directly from Dr. Goodall's impact-driven, civic and scientific life's work. Virtual Jane will catalyze the next generation of compassionate decision-makers and global activists.

virtual jane poster.png
virtual jane poster.png